Fructose and the Fruit Fear

Fruit, isn't fruit delicious! I think fruit was put on this planet for us to relish, to indulge in. If we take away all of the fancy cakes and cookies of modern society and remind ourselves of our roots and how we used to live, foraging in the fields and forests, fruits would have been the desert or more appropriately the icing on the cake after any meal.

If you over consume any type of food weather its meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy or legumes, it will have an adverse effect on the body. Lets take dairy as an example, dairy is a very acidic food and when eaten long term can cause osteoarthritis. It also makes the body more acidic and is very difficult to digest. As we know, a healthy body is an alkaline body and foods hard to process slow down the digestive process allowing putrefaction in the gut and causing the re-absorption of decaying matter. Therefore homeostasis, in my opinion is established by eating a healthy and balanced variety of all food types in moderation.

This can vary of course as different people have a different tolerance towards certain foods. Some people can eat what they want, others have to avoid everything, then you have the lactose intolerant, glucose intolerant, allergic reactions, caffeine intolerant and even fructose reactions all of which need to be considered. But once you take out the offending food in any diet whats left should be a healthy balance of everything remaining.

Fruit provides so many different minerals and vitamins and it's absolutely delicious. It hydrates the body and provides dietary fiber. It contains anti-oxidants and flavonoids, both of which protect from free radical damage in the body. It is now also a well known fact that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables can reduce a person's risk of developing heart disease, cancer, inflammation, and diabetes. So why are we telling ourselves to be afraid to eat this wonderful food? We need glucose in the body, most of our cells use glucose and it's stored in abundance because we simply cant function without it. As soon as our sugar levels become low, usually the first symptom is lightheadedness because our brain needs glucose to function. Fructose is the perfect and instant answer to anyone feeling lightheaded from low sugar, it provides almost immediate relief to someone who is weak because it gets absorbed so quickly into the body. Fructose, as one of the most simplest forms of sugar, does not need to be broken down before it gets absorbed and is sent straight to the liver to be converted to glycogen and stored for use. This is why diabetics do really well eating fruit because it doesn't effect blood sugar levels and doesn't stimulate an insulin response to balance blood sugar in the blood stream.

There is a lot of controversy around at the moment about fructose which is very misleading. Its one of the most natural forms of sugar provided for us in abundance around the entire planet. We have eaten this type of food for millions of years so our bodies have developed and evolved with it making it much more suited to us than any of the more recent and more synthetic types of sugar being manufactured today. If we over consume any food type it can be detrimental to our health its all about balance and variety so why on earth should fruit be excluded from our diets when it provides so many healthful benefits.

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